Do you love Austin, but you’re tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses to see it? Austin is a great place to live, and after LASIK, it becomes even more impressive.

When you give yourself the gift of permanently clear vision, everything from skyline views to live music becomes more enjoyable.

Keep reading for six ways that Austin is transformed when you have LASIK!

1. See the Austin Skyline from a Rooftop Bar

If you have less than perfect vision, a skyline looks like blurry rectangles and hazy lights when you’re not wearing glasses. Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of wearing contacts or glasses on a fun night out, and with LASIK, you won’t have to.

Imagine having crisp, clear vision that allows you to see the best of Austin from any height! Most LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better, meaning you can look forward to better eyesight than you’ve had your entire life! Seeing the world around you without boundaries is a fantastic way to experience Austin like never before.

Do you know what goes great with a view? A tropical cocktail or any other beverage of your choice. See the gorgeous Austin skyline better than ever as you savor a drink at Wax Myrtle’s or Zanzibar.

You’re missing out if you don’t take the chance to see this awe-inspiring city skyline. Since anything worth seeing is worth seeing clearly, consider a vision correction procedure like LASIK and change your life for the better.

2. Enjoy a Concert at Moody Center

There’s truly nothing like enjoying live music in Austin, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to experience it than at the world-class Moody Center. Come and listen to all your favorite acts, from Machine Gun Kelly, Kendrick Lamar, and Leon Bridges, who are all on the docket to perform soon!

No matter who you’re seeing, one thing is for certain: it’ll be a million times better after you have LASIK! Not only does LASIK significantly improve your vision, with most patients achieving 20/20 vision or better, but you can look forward to crisper, clearer vision than you ever had with glasses or contact lenses.

Clearer vision comes in handy when you want to soak in every single minute of your concert experience at Moody Center. Without boundaries or frames to stand in your way, think of all the other ways that LASIK could change your life for the better!

3. Cook Up Something Special at Freda’s Kitchen

Foodies feel right at home in Austin. From legendary BBQ ribs to breakfast tacos, Austin is known as a city sure to please your tastebuds. Food trucks and restaurants are great, but why not learn how to cook some delicious meals yourself?

There’s no better way to feel like a chef than with Freda’s Kitchen. Anyone who has drained a pot of pasta or leaned over a simmering pot to taste their meal knows how annoying it can be for your glasses to fog up.

Once you have LASIK, you can say goodbye to this culinary annoyance. Achieving visual freedom will improve your life and could make you a better cook!

Spend less time focusing on how you see and instead focus on how well you can see after choosing to have LASIK! Your vision will be clearer, and you’ll also have improved contrast, a better ability to see the tiniest details, and colors will even look more vibrant.

These are all crucial components when you’re cooking a meal at home. Whether you want to participate in a four-course culinary experience or face off in a team cooking competition, you’ll no longer have to worry about your glasses getting in your way.

4. Take the Perfect Austin Selfie

Austin is full of Instagram-worthy spots, and what better way to impress your feed than a stunning photo of one of its dozens of murals? Every Austinite needs a selfie in front of the “Greetings from Austin” mural on 1st Street. Don’t forget about the “I Love You So Much” mural on South Congress and “You’re My Butter Half” on MLK.

With a city that’s so vibrant, you want your photos to match, but sometimes your visual aids can prevent you from getting the perfect shot. If your eyes are having trouble focusing, how will your camera be?

LASIK gives you high-definition vision for high-definition pictures. Plus, you’ll feel more confident without glasses on your face if you want to take a selfie in one of your photos.

That HD vision, courtesy of LASIK, also comes in handy behind the camera since your sight will be better than ever.

5. Get the Best Workout of Your Life

There are few things more satisfying than putting a solid effort into a workout and feeling the rewards. Exercise is good for your body and your mind.

Do you know what isn’t helping your workout? Your glasses or contacts.

Whether you’re going for a run on the Lady Bird Lake Trail or perfecting your Downward Dog with some Black Swan Yoga, visual aids can hold you back. Your contacts can dry out and slide out of your eye, and your glasses can easily get broken.

When you treat your eyes to LASIK, you can work out without limits. Aren’t you tired of trying to run while wearing glasses and having them slide down your nose every five minutes?

6. Cruise on Lake Travis

There are many reasons to visit Lake Travis, from the serene atmosphere to lakeside bars and restaurants like Beachside Billy’s to the multitude of hidden coves to discover.

LASIK will give you one more reason to spend a day out on the water: your vision will be as crystal clear as the waters you’re cruising!

It’ll be anchors away as you take off from the coast and explore everything Texas’s most popular lake has to offer. Whether you opt to beat the heat by taking a dip in a swimming hole or get your heart pumping with a water activity like jet skiing, you won’t have to worry about your glasses getting wet or flying off.

A boat ride on Lake Travis is the ideal way to celebrate your new visual freedom. You’ll leave more than waves in your wake. You’ll also leave behind all the inconveniences of glasses and contacts, thanks to LASIK.

Are you ready to transform your vision and enjoy Austin even more? Find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK by scheduling your LASIK consultation at Dell Laser Consultants in Austin, TX, today!