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Have you considered a vision correction procedure like LASIK, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? One thing you may not be taking into account is the fact that getting LASIK is an investment. 

What makes LASIK such a worthy investment is that it corrects your vision permanently. By choosing to correct your sight, you can improve almost every part of your life. Keep reading to find out why LASIK is a worthy investment and to find out if it may be right for you!


Why Millions Have Chosen LASIK

All over the world, millions of people have chosen to have LASIK. What’s not to love about a procedure that frees you from visual aids? 

From cooking dinner and no longer needing to think about if your glasses will fog up when you’re stirring a dish or worrying about if you remembered to take your contact lenses out before going to bed, LASIK can help with these tiny problems! LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure around if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. 

It’s much more convenient to wake up and see without anything holding you back than dealing with glasses and contact lenses. 

LASIK works because it uses a laser to reshape your cornea, correcting any refractive errors you may have. It refocuses light more accurately onto the retina as a refractive procedure, resulting in clearer, sharper, and more focused eyesight. LASIK is also an outpatient procedure, meaning after you undergo it, you can go home. The procedure only takes a few minutes per eye to complete, and many patients start noticing improved vision a few hours after having LASIK. It’s no wonder then that LASIK has a satisfaction rate of over 96% with patients that have had it! 

LASIK Gives You the Vision You’ve Always Wanted 

Ever dreamed of having 20/20 vision or better without needing glasses or contacts to see the world around you? Getting LASIK can make this a reality! 

Most people need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly, but you can finally see the world without anything holding you back after LASIK. There’s nothing quite as freeing as knowing that what you’re seeing isn’t hiding behind lenses or a frame. One thing that you may not realize about LASIK is that you’ll have vision that’s better than what you had when you wore glasses or contact lenses. Many patients report that their sight is clearer, sharper, more vibrant, and significantly improved than when they used visual aids. 

You can also look forward to enhanced depth perception, which can come in handy if you’re an athlete. Having 20/20 vision or better means that you can look at everything like you’re seeing it in crisp high-definition all the time. 

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LASIK Saves You Money

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, did you know that you’re spending an average of $500 every year on them? That includes any of the costs of their accessories, like cases, contact lens solution, and more. 

Consider the fact that glasses undergo a great deal of wear and tear, while contact lenses require maintenance, especially if you choose to wear dailies and forget to order them in advance. Imagine if you no longer needed to spend that money on eye care every year but could spend it on something else instead. 

By choosing LASIK, you can save money on a procedure that pays for itself over time and reduces how much you have to spend on eye care. Although LASIK may seem like it’s something you can’t afford because of its upfront cost, think about what you’re already spending on your eyewear. When you decide on a procedure that pays for itself over time, you’ll save yourself money. More importantly, you can invest in yourself and new eyesight that you’ll be able to enjoy for decades to come!

If cost is a concern, here at Dell Laser Consultants, we offer our patients a variety of payment plans. This includes zero percent financing for one year, and the CareCredit card, which features affordable, low monthly payments. There’s no reason that cost should stand in your way of achieving visual freedom. Many patients choose a payment plan and can pay off their LASIK procedure in as little as two years. After paying off the procedure, you’ll own your gorgeous new vision.


LASIK Saves You Time

Besides saving you money, LASIK saves you time. How many minutes have you spent trying to rush through your morning routine while putting in your contact lenses? 

Wouldn’t you rather spend a few minutes each morning meditating or petting your dog, instead of spending more time putting in your contacts? After LASIK, you can take more time to yourself, whether that’s in the form of a more relaxing morning or being able to binge-watch your favorite show without worrying that you’ll fall asleep in your glasses and break them. 

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LASIK Gives You Freedom 

The list of everyday tasks that LASIK makes easier is nearly endless. In the kitchen, gone is the annoyance of your glasses fogging up as you drain pasta. You don’t have to worry about your glasses moving around or sweat dripping down and irritating your contact lenses when you’re exercising. 

When you’re outside, you don’t have to think about if your contacts are too dry or if they’ll come out of your eyes. Are you going on a trip? You’ll no longer need to stress about packing spare glasses or enough contacts that you can see. You can also say goodbye to any risks of your glasses breaking or contact solution spilling while traveling. It means no more concerns about scratching, cracking, or losing your glasses. What’s more, LASIK mitigates the increased risk of infection from continuous contact wear. The end result is that LASIK eliminates many concerns from your life. It frees you from the hassle of eyewear, allowing you to be spontaneous. 

Whether you want to jump in the pool or throw a ball around with your children or niece and nephew, you don’t have to give your vision a second thought. 

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Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms with LASIK

Every time you touch your eyes, you run the risk of introducing bacteria into them. If you have allergies, this becomes a much more concerning issue since their symptoms are easily triggered if you come into contact with allergens. 

Wearing contact lenses requires you to regularly touch your eyes when you put them in and take them out. You may need to touch your eyes at least four times in a day! This makes it possible to get pollen, dander, and other allergens in your eyes somewhere along the way. When you get LASIK, you break this cycle. You’ll no longer need to touch your eyes frequently, reducing the severity of your allergy symptoms due to contact with your eyes. If you’re looking to alleviate allergy symptoms like itching, watering, and redness, getting LASIK can help.

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