Glasses like these have been used for years to train elite athletes to process information faster.   The glasses black out for very short periods of time forcing the brain to process information quicker and re-acquire a target faster. 

Advanced training techniques like this could even be used by the general population to increase things such as driving reaction times.  The limiting factor with these exercising techniques is great vision.  If the subjects do not have high quality vision, the training will not be as effected an often not-effective at all.  

Athletes require high quality stable vision.  Eye glasses cause magnification/minification issues as well as peripheral distortion.  Contact can decrease contrast sensitivity and produce unpredictable fluctuating vision.  With any profession that good vision and critical reaction times,(like athletes or pilots), laser vision correction is the preferred method of vision correction.  This not only gives them great and stable vision, but then allows them to work on improving the entire visual system. 

Over the last 20 year vision correction surgery has become the most performed surgery in the US, undergone considerable refinement.  The vision we developed for fighter pilots and athletes is now routinely available to the general public.  The vision enhancement training originally developed for the same groups is now being used on children in elementary school.