How Long Does LASIK Last?

One of the many reasons people consider getting LASIK eye surgery is the opportunity to be free from glasses and contact lenses. This procedure is designed to improve your eyesight, reducing your dependence on or eliminating your need for visual aids like these. But how long do the effects last? Many patients ask our board certified eye surgeon, Dr. Steven J. Dell and Dr. Divya Varu, and our experienced ophthalmology team whether LASIK offers permanent improvement in vision. The simplified answer is yes, but with some minor caveats. There are many factors that influence how long-lasting the results will be. In general, though, the outcome should last an extensive period of time—potentially forever.

Although most patients enjoy corrected vision for life, some people may naturally experience slight changes in their vision over time. This is part of the reason why we recommend waiting until your eyesight has stabilized before undergoing LASIK. The number of patients who experience regression is low, and there are enhancement, or “touch-up,” procedures available to help address this uncommon event. Additionally, it’s important to note that LASIK eye surgery will not eliminate the need for reading glasses due to presbyopia—age-related farsightedness. As with any eye surgery, one of the best ways to ensure optimal results is to choose an extensively trained and experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Dell or Dr. Varu to perform the procedure.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer your questions if you need more information. We want you to feel well informed and confident in your LASIK decision.