Two New Independent Studies Each Demonstrate Superiority of Wavefront Guided Over Wavefront Optimized Laser Vision Correction

Two new influential, prospective, bilateral random eye studies each re-affirm that VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided laser vision correction (the only technology used at Dell Laser Consultants) produces better contrast sensitivity and visual acuities than Wavefront Optimized laser vision correction using the Wavelight Allegretto laser). In a study of 140 eyes in 70 subjects, a Stanford team led by Dr. Ed Manche found that overall quality of vision, higher-order aberrations (HOAs) and contrast sensitivity were all superior with the VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided platform.

In a separate study, researchers at the University of Utah also found VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided Laser Vision Correction superior in performance as measured by higher order aberration values. This data agrees well with original the FDA study of the VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided laser, and with the results we have observed over the past six years at Dell Laser Consultants. The VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided laser remains our laser of choice.