For many Austinites, there’s an impending sense of doom about the pollen in the air as Cedar Fever hits.  Allergies to our beloved Mountain Cedar (which, for the arborists among you, is actually from the Juniper family) are pretty common – otherwise we wouldn’t hear about it so much this time of year.  There is no denying that the congestion and itchy, watery eyes cause many to suffer, but some among us have an added layer of irritation:  Contact lenses.

If you suffer from Cedar Fever and wear contact lenses, December through March is likely your least favorite time of the year.  Even the most comfortable contacts become unbearable when worn over inflamed, red eyes.  And, just a reminder, rubbing your eyes with or without contacts – but particularly with – is a recipe for scratched corneas and infections.

Many abandon contacts all together during the pollen profusion.  Living in Austin with allergies means there are two to four months of the year that your contacts are either bothersome or un-wearable. But, you chose contacts for a reason…well, two reasons, actually:

  1. You don’t see well
  2. You don’t like wearing glasses

If you are interested in this being your last Cedar Fever season in glasses, then it’s time to check out your alternatives, including LASIK.  You can begin by finding a highly qualified surgeon to conduct a thorough evaluation of your vision and health, discuss your options and help you make an informed decision.  It is important to know that not everyone is a good candidate for vision correction, but today’s refractive advancements make it likely that there is an option for you beyond glasses and contacts.