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LASIK - For Pilots Who Need Vision Correction, It Can Be The Right Stuff

Good eyesight is critical in many professions and pursuits, but for pilots it’s especially critical.  The ability to see and avoid other traffic and runway hazards, or to read instruments and charts in difficult, sometimes turbulent conditions, can literally be a matter of life and death. I’ve had the privilege of performing LASIK surgery for many...

Can LASIK Transform Your Life?

People who are considering LASIK ask me many questions about it, from LASIK safety to procedure costs, but often what they really want to know is, can LASIK transform their lives? In many ways, the answer is yes.  I tell my patients laser vision correction can liberate them from glasses and contacts and allow them to pursue active lifestyles where...

More Benefit With LASIK Advances

New advanced technology has made it possible for LASIK to help more people than ever before – even many of those who were previously not eligible for the procedure. Improved laser vision correction instruments, such as new, more precise lasers and more advanced LASIK techniques, mean we now have better results than ever before and can perform LASIK...

DLC LASIK AUSTIN NEWS - VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform Coming To America

The VICTUS platform is the first femtosecond laser capable of supporting cataract and corneal procedures on a single platform. The versatile system is designed to provide greater precision compared to manual cataract surgery techniques, potentially enhancing patient experience. “The introduction of femtosecond laser technology is the most significant...

DLC LASIK AUSTIN NEWS - DLC Patient Brendan Hansen brings Home Another Olympic Gold medal and helps Michael Phelps cap off the greatest Olympian career ever.

London – Men’s 4×100 Medley Relay US swim team captain and DLC patient Brendan Hansen brings home another Olympic Gold medal and helps Michal Phelps cap off the greatest Olympian career ever. Texas Longhorn swimmer Brendan Hansen had a remarkable college career,...

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