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LASIK Eye Surgery Austin | Our Blog | Dell Laser Consultants


Is LASIK Permanent?

How Long Does LASIK Last? One of the many reasons people consider getting LASIK eye surgery is the opportunity to be free from glasses and contact lenses. This procedure is designed to improve your eyesight, reducing your dependence on or eliminating your need for visual aids like these. But how long do the effects last? Many patients ask our board...

What If I'm Not A Good Candidate For LASIK

While it can be an excellent option for many people, LASIK eye surgery is not for everyone. In the event you are not a candidate for this procedure, you may wonder what your other options are—are you stuck with contact lenses and glasses for life? The good news is that there are other advanced vision enhancement options which can...

Does Lasik Hurt?

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of your body, so it’s natural for you to be concerned about how LASIK eye surgery will feel. Fortunately, this brief procedure is often painless. Most patients report only mild discomfort, and our board certified ophthalmologists make every effort to ensure you have the most pleasant experience...

Can I Have LASIK if I'm Pregnant?

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and these developments help produce the best environment possible for the growing baby. At Dell Laser Consultants, our extensively trained medical team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality care to our patients. With this goal in mind, we typically...

How Does LASIK Work And What Kind Of Vision Can I Expect?

If you’re frustrated by the inconveniences eyeglasses and contact lenses can impose on you, LASIK eye surgery may be able to help. Before you decide on this approach, however, you should consult with a highly qualified ophthalmologist, such as Dr. Steven J. Dell or Dr. Divya M. Varu, and...

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