Both LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) produce excellent results for most patients. LASIK offers the advantages of very rapid recovery of vision, minimal or no discomfort, and excellent accuracy. There are some patients who are better candidates for ASA however. Generally speaking, these are patients with very thin corneas, or corneas with certain types of surface abnormalities. Some patients prefer the option of ASA simply because it produces results comparable to LASIK, but involves a completely blade-free approach to surgery. A complete eye exam with one of our doctors can identify the best options for you.

Dell Laser Consultants provides a very extensive pre-operative work-up, utilizing technologies unavailable at most laser clinics. Most clinics simply measure the curvature of the front surface of the eye. We use a sophisticated device called a Pentacam to measure the front and back curvature and elevation of the cornea, as well as the thickness of every point on the cornea. We also perform advanced wavefront analysis of the entire optical power of the eye, from the front of the cornea all the way back to the retina. These instruments help us customize the best treatment options for your individual situation.