My experience with Dr. Varu and her staff was life changing and I could not be happier with my decision to trust my eyes with Dell Laser.

I have worn some form of corrective lenses for almost 25 years, and made the decision to pursue LASIK earlier this year. After I met and consulted with Dr. Varu, I choose Dell Laser and did not even consult any other doctors. The staff is extremely helpful and go to great lengths to explain the procedures/options/expectations.

At my initial consultation I was presented with the results that my left eye was not ideal for the LASIK procedure but still could be corrected with a PRK surgery. Dr. Varu asked me to avoid contacts, use drops multiple times a day, and start some Omega-3s for the next month to see if anything changes. I waited 4 weeks in-between my first consolation and my second, and during that time my eyes had normalized and both were eligible for the intra LASIK procedure.

As far as the surgery goes, the results were amazing. The procedure itself was completely painless and after sleeping most of the day and thru the night, I drove myself back to her office the next day for the post-op without any assistance.

My eyes feel great. The vision is stunning. The procedure is life-changing. I can’t wait to go to the lake, swimming, play sports, travel…etc without even thinking about contacts and glasses. I wish I had done it sooner.

From the consultation, surgery, and post op, you could not pick a better place to go for LASIK surgery. Bargain and discount LASIK is available and I can’t speak for it, but I know the experience I had was TOP QUALITY done by the BEST DOCTOR and BEST FACILITY/EQUIPMENT in Austin, and I am so glad I went with Dr. Varu.