My vision was exceptional most of my life so when it started going bad it seemed to get worse quickly. I never could get comfortable with contacts and I hated wearing glasses, so after some pretty extensive research I chose Dell Laser Consultants to do my procedure. I firmly believe that I made the correct choice. The procedure I chose was a little more expensive than what you can find elsewhere but was well worth it. I believe you get what you pay for. Besides the first class treatment I received, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. All of the staff and Dr. Derek Cunningham made me feel like my procedure was important to them. Not like I was just another patient that was going to write them a check. They didn’t give me any false claims that my vision would be perfect or I would never have to wear glasses. They were up front and honest. I am now back to 20/15 in both eyes and couldn’t be happier. Yes I have to wear reading glasses sometimes but overall my vision is far better. I don’t have to worry about broken glasses or whether my contacts are in correctly and I can wear real sunglasses again. I have been very happy with the results of my procedure and knowing what I know about the professionals at Dell Laser Consultants I would do it again without hesitation