After a year of looking for a doctor who could and would remove cataracts from both my eyes, I was very lucky to be referred to Dell Laser Consultants.  After I chose Dr. Divya Varu for a routine glaucoma appointment and had consultations with Dr. Dell and Dr. Cunningham, I was very impressed with their combined expertise and the advanced equipment available to them.  I have glaucoma, dry eyes, and previous lasik procedures without full documentation of what was done, all of which meant high risk that the cataract surgery could worsen my existing conditions and still not produce a positive result.  Additionally, the doctors also found a retinal problem not previously diagnosed.  Dr. Varu handled my situation with calm and confidence.  She took every precaution to prepare me for a good result.  When it was time to move on to the pre-op tests, she discovered that my dry eyes were making it impossible to get a good measurement for the lens to be used.  She also had an answer to the problem, one pioneered by Dell doctors.   I had successful surgery and am looking forward to the next step in improving my vision – consultation with a retina surgeon.  Dr. Varu never gave up, never appeared worried, and always gave me a sense that she cared a lot that I would eventually have the best vision possible for me.  The technicians, the office staff and the amazing array of sophisticated equipment are also all very impressive.  My thanks to Dr. Varu and the entire practice.