Dr. Divya Varu has changed my life immeasurably.  Where once I was blind, now I see.  Casually, my wife and I decided to consult Dell Vision for Lasik.  However, once we met Dr. Varu, she knew that Lasik would not give us the vision we wanted.  Rather, given our age (50) and eyesight (bad), only refractive lens replacement would provide us the crisp distance, reading and intermediate vision we wanted.  As she put it, only “cataract surgery without the cataracts” would give us the result we wanted.  Since everyone is very likely to get cataracts eventually, she reasoned, why wait, why postpone good vision until the inevitable day years from now.  Convincing argument for certain, since here I sit writing this reviewwithout glasses a month following from surgery. 

However, putting aside her unquestionable expertise, Dr. Varu stands out in unexpected ways.  Simply put, her demeanor and bedside manner present the epitome of what the medical profession should strive for.  She is fun, funny, kind, and offers a steady hand of confidence, all what you’d hope for in a surgeon.  Neither I nor my wife can offer any greater recommendation.  Dr. Varu simply rocks!!