Dell Laser Consultants was recommended to me by an out-of-state surgeon that preformed LASIK on several of my family members. As soon as I walked in, I knew I made the right choice and would be in great hands with Dr. Varu. She and all the doctors and staff I met in the office were fantastic!   I had PRK, and received a through explanation on why that was a better choice for me than LASIK. The day of the surgery, Dr. Varu was very friendly, reassuring and professional, and did a great job explaining during and after the surgery, which (along with the Valium!) really helped calm my nerves. On top of that I felt like DLC had the most up-to-date technology and offered the best option in Austin, if not in Texas or the entire country, for my vision improvement. I looked into other offices and did not have the same impression, which made my choice to go with DLC that much stronger. I’m very glad I chose to go with them!  Post surgery I felt prepared for what to expect, and the recovery wasn’t bad. I was at 20/40 and 20/50 five days after surgery, and 20/20 three weeks later! My vision continues to improve, and I expect it to be even better at my next checkup.  If anyone is looking into getting LASIK or PRK, I would highly recommend going with Dr. Varu at Dell Laser Consultants.