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buddyuquote_startMy experience with Dr. Varu and her staff was life changing and I could not be happier with my decision to trust my eyes with Dell Laser.

I have worn some form of corrective lenses for almost 25 years, and made the decision to pursue LASIK earlier this year. After I met and consulted with Dr. Varu, I choose Dell Laser and did not even consult any other doctors. The staff is extremely helpful and go to great lengths to explain the procedures/options/expectations.

At my initial consultation I was presented with the results that my left eye was not ideal for the LASIK procedure but still could be corrected with a PRK surgery. Dr. Varu asked me to avoid contacts, use drops multiple times a day, and start some Omega-3s for the next month to see if anything changes. I waited 4 weeks in-between my first consolation and my second, and during that time my eyes had normalized and both were eligible for the intra LASIK procedure.

As far as the surgery goes, the results were amazing. The procedure itself was completely painless and after sleeping most of the day and thru the night, I drove myself back to her office the next day for the post-op without any assistance.

My eyes feel great. The vision is stunning. The procedure is life-changing. I can’t wait to go to the lake, swimming, play sports, travel…etc without even thinking about contacts and glasses. I wish I had done it sooner.

From the consultation, surgery, and post op, you could not pick a better place to go for LASIK surgery. Bargain and discount LASIK is available and I can’t speak for it, but I know the experience I had was TOP QUALITY done by the BEST DOCTOR and BEST FACILITY/EQUIPMENT in Austin, and I am so glad I went with Dr. Varu.quote_end

William Overstreet, Graphic Designer

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Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXI have been an optometrist for nearly 20 years. I have worked with Dr. Steven Dell, sending him patients for roughly 15 years. Over the years, I have sent him some of my more difficult surgical challenges in addition to several refractive surgery patients.

I have discovered a few things that I really like about Dr. Dell and his organization. The most important thing I have discovered is that they will only do refractive surgery when everything is 100% right. I have had a few instances where I referred a pt. for surgery and thought they were a great candidate but upon final testing at the surgery center, one measurement was not quite right and so either surgery was cancelled or postponed. In other words, there was a question about whether or not the patient was a good candidate. Other surgery centers would have done the surgery regardless, I know, but DLC did not. I like that. That is why I trust this center. Furthermore, I keep seeing results like 20/15 in each eye and even witnessed a patient read 20/10 and get every letter right. I have never seen that before. Frankly, I got a little jealous. So 2 ½ months ago DLC performed laser refractive surgery on my eyes and I am 20/15 in each eye. But the quality of vision goes beyond what can be measured in the exam room on the eye chart. Everything is just crisp. I have never seen this good before in my whole life. Words cannot describe the joy you get from not only the awesome vision, but the freedom to see without glasses or contacts. I am grateful to the Lord for my good vision but you can bet that I am also thankful to Dr. Dell and his staff for their commitment to excellence.

Hans Oosterbaan, O.D.

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXBrendan Hansen recently chose Dell Laser Consultants for LASIK on his own eyes. Weeks after his surgery, he stated that it was one of the best things he has ever done.

(Brendan Hansen is a multi-Olympic gold medal winner and has set several swimming world records)

I never cut corners in my training for the Olympics, so when I met with Dell Lasik Center about lasik surgery, I knew it was the right fit. Dr. Dell, Dr. Cunningham, and staff were so professional in educating me on the Lasik process that I was completely comfortable with having the procedure. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Lasik has changed my life. When you have dealt with the disadvantages of contacts for over 15 years and now you can wake up in the morning and immediately attack your day, Lasik will change your life and the way you live it.


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Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXMy vision was exceptional most of my life so when it started going bad it seemed to get worse quickly. I never could get comfortable with contacts and I hated wearing glasses, so after some pretty extensive research I chose Dell Laser Consultants to do my procedure. I firmly believe that I made the correct choice. The procedure I chose was a little more expensive than what you can find elsewhere but was well worth it. I believe you get what you pay for. Besides the first class treatment I received, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. All of the staff and Dr. Derek Cunningham made me feel like my procedure was important to them. Not like I was just another patient that was going to write them a check. They didn’t give me any false claims that my vision would be perfect or I would never have to wear glasses. They were up front and honest. I am now back to 20/15 in both eyes and couldn’t be happier. Yes I have to wear reading glasses sometimes but overall my vision is far better. I don’t have to worry about broken glasses or whether my contacts are in correctly and I can wear real sunglasses again. I have been very happy with the results of my procedure and knowing what I know about the professionals at Dell Laser Consultants I would do it again without hesitation.

~ Scott Purtle – F-16 Fighter Pilot and AH-1 Attack Helicopter Pilot

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXAbsolutely Amazing

~ Amy Marsh – Professional Triathlete (winner of Ironman China 2010 and Ironman Lake Placid 2010)

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXDr. Dell is the best. He is the only person in Austin I would trust with my eyesight. I was completely satisfied with the service, professionalism, and ease of the surgery.

~ Mike Rosenthal – Professional Football Player, Miami Dolphins

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TXDr. Dell’s reputation as a leader in his field made me much more comfortable with the decision to go forward with laser vision correction, after contemplating it for some time. Dr. Dell and the staff at Dell Laser Consultants are exceptional, and the results of the procedure have exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I did not go to Dell Laser Consultants years ago.

~ Alexander R. Allemann – Corporate Lawyer

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Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TX

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TX

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TX

Dell Laser Consultants | Testimonials | Austin TX

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