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Dell Laser Consultants was established to provide absolute state-of-the-art care in the field of vision correction surgery. We realize that you only have one set of eyes, and they deserve the best. From the moment you walk in the door, it will be apparent to you that we take this responsibility seriously. With the very finest technology available, and a caring and professional staff, we are dedicated to surgical excellence. Dr. Dell’s consulting relationships with a variety of ophthalmic companies allow us to offer many new technologies, often years before they are available elsewhere. Through these relationships, we are able to offer the widest technological array of different lasers and diagnostic equipment available anywhere in Austin.

Our laser treatment suites are equipped with highly sophisticated Liebert environmental control systems. These industrial systems are used in sensitive computer data centers and microchip clean rooms. They are used to precisely control the temperature, humidity and air filtration system in the laser suite. The importance of this might not be immediately obvious until you learn that even small changes in the density of the air in the laser suite can affect the outcome of the procedure. You will not find anything resembling this level of technology in most laser centers.

The excimer and femtosecond lasers we use in laser vision correction are incredibly sensitive pieces of equipment. Each one consists of highly sensitive optics, precisely aligned mirrors, sophisticated electronics and computer control systems. Even the slightest movement of the laser requires a factory technician to completely recalibrate the device. Schedule a complimentary screening at Dell Laser Consultants and see for yourself why we believe we offer the finest care available anywhere.

The Institute for Dry Eye Research

Dry eye syndrome is a concern for as many as 50 million Americans. The chronic condition can affect an individual at any age, and wearing contact lenses can increase the risk of developing dry eye. The most common eye disorder, dry eye syndrome can significantly impact one’s daily life by causing physical discomfort and reducing vision quality. Symptoms of dry eye syndrome vary broadly, and the signs of illness can overlap with other conditions, making diagnosis difficult for many ophthalmologists. At the Institute for Dry Eye Research at Dell Laser Consultants, our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced vision specialists who utilize the most advanced techniques and technology available. As a result, we are able to quickly identify and effectively address dry eye syndrome.

Although the causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome are often complex, treatment can be simple. Sometimes utilizing medicated eye drops or changes in diet will be sufficient to alleviate the concern. However, every case is unique, and accurate diagnosis and an appropriate therapeutic response will be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. We have many distinct diagnostic tests available to precisely pinpoint the cause or causes of dry eye syndrome in each patient. With this information, we can develop a customized treatment plan designed with each individual’s needs in mind.

For more information about dry eye syndrome and our Institute for Dry Eye Research, please contact us today. We can answer questions or help you schedule a complimentary screening.


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Take advantage of our complimentary screening and determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction. While screenings are not a substitute for an eye examination, you will be able to meet with one of our doctors and determine your options for laser vision correction. Contact us to schedule your complimentary screening today.

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