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Intralase LASIK | Laser Vision Correction | iLASIK Procedure | Austin TXOur goal is to offer the very best technology and clinical expertise to achieve the best results possible. A significant technological advance in laser vision correction involves use of the Intralase. For patients undergoing LASIK, there are two ways to create the corneal flap during the procedure, “Traditional LASIK” and “Intralase LASIK”. Traditional LASIK involves the use of a blade to create the flap, and then a laser is used under the flap to reshape the eye and correct vision. Intralase LASIK actually uses a laser to create the flap, with no blade required. Intralase LASIK is sometimes referred to as All-Laser LASIK, Blade-free LASIK or Intralasik.

Intralase LASIK provides a more precise result with better vision and an increased margin of safety. Dry eye symptoms after surgery may be less significant with Intralase LASIK as well. When Intralase LASIK is combined with Custom Wavefront-guided correction, it is referred to as iLASIK. iLASIK has produced some of the best results ever achieved with laser vision correction. Most, but not all patients are candidates for this technology. In a research study of patients treated with one eye using Traditional LASIK, and the other eye using iLASIK, patients stating a preference preferred the vision in their iLASIK eye 3 to 1 over the Traditional LASIK eye. The safety, stability and superior night vision of iLASIK have made it the preferred treatment for all military fighter pilots and NASA astronauts. Dr. Dell was the first surgeon in Central Texas to offer iLASIK, and he serves as a consultant for Abbot Medical Optics, the developer of iLASIK.

Through Dr. Dell’s consulting relationships, Dell Laser Consultants uses the first and only iFS next-generation Intralase laser in Central Texas. This faster, more precise laser can create a corneal flap in under ten seconds by placing a series of tiny overlapping air bubbles in the cornea. The laser is also the first to allow the corneal flap shape to be customized to the needs of each patient.

Intralase LASIK F.A.Q.

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