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The first step into researching iLASIK is to see if you are a candidate. Several factors will determine whether iLASIK is a safe procedure for you. These include your age, prescription power, corneal health and structure, eye health, general health, and medications used. iLASIK is safe for the vast majority of the public, but making sure it is safe for you is a critical step.

Dell Laser Consultants | Free Consultation | Austin TX


Dell Laser Consultants | Free Consultation | Austin TX


At Dell Laser Consultants you complimentary consultation will be performed by a highly trained surgical technician. This is the same technician that will accompany you into surgery and assist with your procedure. Unlike other laser centers, we never use commissioned sales people with our patients. Every encounter you have at DLC will be with the best trained medical personnel in the business.


Your consultation will take about 30 minutes and is completely painless. We will be able to give you detailed information about your cornea and prescription. We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the world to gain information about your eyes.

Dell Laser Consultants | Free Consultation | Austin TXThe first step is to measure the wavefront signature of your eye. The wavefront abberometer maps the entire optical path of your eye, including the tiny distortions and imperfections naturally present in all eyes. This is effectively a unique “fingerprint of your vision,” and provides us with extremely precise and detailed information about your vision.

Dell Laser Consultants | Free Consultation | Austin TXThe next step is to have a high resolution optical imaging scan done of your eye. The test gives us microscopic detail about the structure of your cornea. We use this to look for progressive corneal degenerations, inherent weaknesses in the collagen structure, and the general suitability of your cornea for surgery.

Once the data from these 2 tests are compiled, we will be able to advise you if iLASIK is right for you.

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