Dr. Varu's Patient Testimonials

Dr. Varu“Dr. Varu is an all-star! I was pretty nervous going into my appointment, but Dr. Varu handled my anxiety in her calm, relaxing manner. She is confident, timely and very kind in dealing with her patients. 6 months after my surgery, my eye is looking and feeling great! I highly recommend Dr. Varu for your ophthalmology needs.”
– Neil M.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Divya Varu — she is awesome, the very BEST!!! From the very first visit, she understood my eyes and what course of action was going to be best for me. She calmly answered every question and the two surgeries could not have gone more smoothly. Thank you, Dr. Varu, for the amazing job and care! As well, I thank Dell Laser Consultants and their staff – all are true professionals.”
– Barbara M.

“Within the past six weeks I have had two cataract surgeries with Toric lens implant with Dr. Divya Varu. I am totally amazed and so grateful to Dr. Varu. The surgery, if anything, was so incredible watching the visuals during the procedure. No pain, no regrets, simply wonderful new vision. I had worn glasses since the age of 14 and now no need for them. The light came on and I love it. Dr. Varu teaches as she assesses. My kind of physician! Thank you, Dr. Varu.”
– Marilyn L.

“Dr. Varu was professional, thorough, and the LASIK procedure turned out excellent. I highly recommend her.”
– Shamus M.

“In August of 2015, I got LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Divya Varu. From beginning to end, my experience with everyone there at Dell Laser, from Dr. Varu to the nurses (who were funny as hell), was impeccable. My initial appointment was quick and smooth with all expectations laid out, including payment procedures. I had not idea about Care Credit Cards, which really helped me out with paying for this during a weird financial time. Everything was fantastic and I would recommend Dell Laser to ANYONE. Thanks Dell Laser!”
– Brad O.

“Dr. Divya Varu and staff were amazing. The operation was handled with such professionalism and grace. The staff were fabulous with their knowledge and expertise. Extremely helpful when answering questions and putting you at ease about the surgery. The office staff worked really hard at getting you the appointment time that fit into your schedule as well as answering questions about medications and procedures. I would highly recommend Dr Varu and her staff at Dell Laser to any family member and friend. I have already visited with two close friends out of town about my procedures and Dr. Varu. Thanks again for giving me my sight back!!!”
– Allison G.

“I knew from the first visit with Dr. Varu that I had chosen the right surgeon for my cataract surgery. She took the time to explain the procedure in detail to me and to answer all of my questions. My surgical case was challenging, but I truly believe my perfect result was due to her clinical expertise and exceptional care. My choice of an eye surgeon was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I could not have made a better choice. Dr. Varu is an absolutely amazing and genuinely caring doctor.”
– Janet D.

“My experience with Dr. Varu removing my cataract was amazing. The surgery was a total success, in my opinion, and my vision is dramatically better. The difference is extraordinary, and I would recommend Dr. Varu to anyone.”
– Jeff B.

“My experience with Dr. Varu and her staff was life changing and I could not be happier with my decision to trust my eyes with Dell Laser. I have worn some form of corrective lenses for almost 25 years, and made the decision to pursue LASIK earlier this year. After I met and consulted with Dr. Varu, I choose Dell Laser and did not even consult any other doctors. The staff is extremely helpful and go to great lengths to explain the procedures, options, and expectations. At my initial consultation I was presented with the results that my left eye was not ideal for the LASIK procedure but still could be corrected with PRK surgery. Dr. Varu asked me to avoid contacts, use drops multiple times a day, and start some omega 3 vitamins for the next month to see if anything changes. I waited 4 weeks in-between my first consolation and my second, and during that time my eyes had normalized and both were eligible for the LASIK procedure. As far as the surgery goes, the results were amazing. The procedure itself was completely painless and after sleeping most of the day and throughout the night, I drove myself back to her office the next day for the post-op without any assistance. My eyes feel great. The vision is stunning. The procedure is life-changing. I can’t wait to go to the lake, swimming, play sports, travel…etc without even thinking about contacts and glasses. I wish I had done it sooner. From the consultation, surgery, and post op, you could not pick a better place to go for LASIK surgery. Bargain and discount LASIK is available and I can’t speak for it, but I know the experience I had was TOP QUALITY done by the BEST DOCTOR, BEST FACILITY, and BEST EQUIPMENT in Austin, and I am so glad I went with Dr. Varu.”
– William O.

“Just recently had cataract surgery and loved the team and location at Dell Laser Consultants! When it is time for the second eye – I will definitely return. The surgeon, Dr. Varu, was wonderful and I felt very confident of her skills.”
– Merianne G.

“Dr. Varu and Dell Laser Consultants were recommended to me by my eye doctor, for cataract surgery. Dr. Varu and the staff at DLC were pleasant, knowledgeable, patient, and they made certain everything was clearly explained and understood. In addition, they helped overcome any anxieties or fears with professionalism and courtesy, and their mannerisms were supported with a wonderful sense of humor. The cataract and lens replacement procedures were comfortable, easy, and the difference in my vision is nothing less than amazing! Enough good things cannot be said for Dr. Varu and for the staff at DLC.”
– Charles M.

“I highly recommend Dr. Varu for surgical eye care. She is a caring, thorough, professional. Her treatment of my problems was top notch – she made sure everything was RIGHT before doing surgery, instead of moving ahead when potential problems could occur. I have great confidence in her!”
– Linda C.

“Friendly and helpful staff. The doctor was very professional and warm at the same time.”
– Arjun G.

“The care I received from Dr. Varu and her staff at Dell Laser Consultants has been fantastic. Dr. Varu and DLC were recommended to me by my eye doctor for cataract surgery. Everyone in the office was very professional, courteous and friendly. Dr. Varu recently did cataract surgery on both of my eyes. She thoroughly explained what to expect during and after the surgery which helped me overcome my anxiety. I am extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Varu. Thank you for giving me my sight back.”
– Barbara J.

“Dr. Varu was gave me a very good explanation about my operation and all options available. I was very pleased with everyone at the office.”
– Carola P.

“I was very worried about my eyesight after my eye doctors in Kansas concluded that they had neither the experience nor the exceptionally exacting equipment required to ensure successful removal of cataracts on both my eyes. Their concerns were based on complications (glaucoma, previous lasik procedures, dry eyes). On my last consultation with the Kansas doctors, I mentioned I was moving to Austin, TX. The immediate response from the doctor was “You are in luck! Go see Dr. Stephen Dell.” . I did that and there I met Dr. Divya, a surgeon newly arrived at Dell Laser Consultants. It was my lucky day. After working with Dr. Varu and her colleague Dr. Cunningham I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Varu became my primary doctor and I was immediately sure that I would get the best results possible in her hands. She exuded confidence, she had an answer for all the issues that needed to be dealt with for a successful surgery.”
– Kathryn E.

“Very pleased with Dr. Varu.”
– Jerry K.

“Dr. Divya Varu recently did cataract surgery on my right eye. I am pleased with the results. Dr. Varu and the team working with her at Dell Laser Consultants in Austin were professional and friendly, and used the most up-to-date technology to prepare for and complete the process. I would recommend that you consider this doctor/medical group for work on your eyes.”
– Edward F.

“Highly informed, patient focused”
– Gordon A.

“Dr Varu and her staff at DLC were fantastic. Dr Varu is very meticulous, calm, patient and professional. She thoroughly explained what to expect during and after the cataract/lens replacement surgery which helped alleviate my being anxious and reduced my concerns. I cannot express how much the surgery has changed and made a difference to my life. My vision now is nothing less than amazing. For any eye surgery, I would trust only Dr Varu. I highly recommend Dr Varu, her staff and all at DLC”
– Barbara B.

Dr. Varu did my refractive lens surgery. I was at the point that my eyes were so bad that I had gotten arthritis in my neck from the bifocals that I recently had to wear. I was legally blind. Dr. Varu told me of all my options. Because I am so visually impaired she had me go to a specialist to have them check the backs of my eyes to make sure they were ok for surgery. They were ok’d so I did a lot of praying and decided this was the right choice for me. I had the surgery and I am so glad I did. No more glasses. No more stumbling around after I drop them to try and find them. I can see in the shower now. What a blessing this has been. Dr. Varu you Rock!!!!!!” –

 Elizabeth J.

“Dell Laser Consultants was recommended to me by an out-of-state surgeon that preformed LASIK on several of my family members. As soon as I walked in, I knew I made the right choice and would be in great hands with Dr. Varu. She and all the doctors and staff I met in the office were fantastic!   I had PRK, and received a through explanation on why that was a better choice for me than LASIK. The day of the surgery, Dr. Varu was very friendly, reassuring and professional, and did a great job explaining during and after the surgery, which (along with the Valium!) really helped calm my nerves. On top of that I felt like DLC had the most up-to-date technology and offered the best option in Austin, if not in Texas or the entire country, for my vision improvement. I looked into other offices and did not have the same impression, which made my choice to go with DLC that much stronger. I’m very glad I chose to go with them!  Post surgery I felt prepared for what to expect, and the recovery wasn’t bad. I was at 20/40 and 20/50 five days after surgery, and 20/20 three weeks later! My vision continues to improve, and I expect it to be even better at my next checkup.  If anyone is looking into getting LASIK or PRK, I would highly recommend going with Dr. Varu at Dell Laser Consultants.”  –

Stephanie B.

“Dr. Divya Varu has changed my life immeasurably.  Where once I was blind, now I see.  Casually, my wife and I decided to consult Dell Vision for Lasik.  However, once we met Dr. Varu, she knew that Lasik would not give us the vision we wanted.  Rather, given our age (50) and eyesight (bad), only refractive lens replacement would provide us the crisp distance, reading and intermediate vision we wanted.  As she put it, only “cataract surgery without the cataracts” would give us the result we wanted.  Since everyone is very likely to get cataracts eventually, she reasoned, why wait, why postpone good vision until the inevitable day years from now.  Convincing argument for certain, since here I sit writing this reviewwithout glasses a month following from surgery.  

However, putting aside her unquestionable expertise, Dr. Varu stands out in unexpected ways.  Simply put, her demeanor and bedside manner present the epitome of what the medical profession should strive for.  She is fun, funny, kind, and offers a steady hand of confidence, all what you’d hope for in a surgeon.  Neither I nor my wife can offer any greater recommendation.  Dr. Varu simply rocks!!” —

– Michael L.

“I would like to thank Dr. Divya Varu for an outstanding surgical outcome and for the excellent care provided to me by Dr. Gomez for follow up. I am seeing well for the first time in 35 years.  Dr. Varu, you  are a rock star!” 

– James C.

I was referred to Dr. Varu by my regular eye doctor for cataract lens replacement and was blown away by her knowledge and expertise! Dr. Varu and her staff explained everything in detail, and the options for my vision. I selected the Multi-Focal lenses and have been thrilled each day not having to reach for glasses or put in contacts. I can now see more detail than previously. Thanks Dr. Varu!!!”  

– DLC patient

“Dell Laser was recommended to me by my regular eye doctor after I indicated my interest in having Lasik performed. After researching them and having a consultation, I did not feel the need to look anywhere else. Each member of the office staff is friendly and helpful through all stages of the process. I especially appreciated Dr. Varu for her patience and friendliness when answering all of my questions.  The procedure was a little over two months ago and my eyes have healed very well so far. My only regret is that I did not have the procedure done years ago!”

— Sean H. 

After a year of looking for a doctor who could and would remove cataracts from both my eyes, I was very lucky to be referred to Dell Laser Consultants.  After I chose Dr. Divya Varu for a routine glaucoma appointment and had consultations with Dr. Dell and Dr. Cunningham, I was very impressed with their combined expertise and the advanced equipment available to them.  I have glaucoma, dry eyes, and previous lasik procedures without full documentation of what was done, all of which meant high risk that the cataract surgery could worsen my existing conditions and still not produce a positive result.  Additionally, the doctors also found a retinal problem not previously diagnosed.  Dr. Varu handled my situation with calm and confidence.  She took every precaution to prepare me for a good result.  When it was time to move on to the pre-op tests, she discovered that my dry eyes were making it impossible to get a good measurement for the lens to be used.  She also had an answer to the problem, one pioneered by Dell doctors.   I had successful surgery and am looking forward to the next step in improving my vision – consultation with a retina surgeon.  Dr. Varu never gave up, never appeared worried, and always gave me a sense that she cared a lot that I would eventually have the best vision possible for me.  The technicians, the office staff and the amazing array of sophisticated equipment are also all very impressive.  My thanks to Dr. Varu and the entire practice.” –

– Kathryn E.

I had one cataract removed three years ago, and now had to have one removed from my other eye.  I had lasik 12 years ago, but my vision had slowly diminished because of the cataracts.  Since my lasik prescription was for monovision, my close vision eye was being affected.  Bottom line, the results are amazing and definitely life changing.  Dr. Varu and her staff were very responsive to my time and needs.  Definitely go there if you want your vision corrected properly.”  –

– Jeff B.

“Dr. Divya Varu of Dell Laser Consultants did surgery on both my eyes and I would HIGHLY recommend her to others.  Dr. Varu was extremely thorough, cautious about treatment and an absolute professional.  Her bedside manner shows how much she cares of her patients.  After surgery Dr. Varu even gave me her personal cell phone number in case I had any problems.  I was astounded!  I haven’t seen this well since I was 10 years old (57 years ago!) and I am thrilled with the results.  Everything about Dr. Varu is TOP NOTCH!” –

 Linda C.

Dr. Varu and the staff at Dell Laser Consultants provided very thorough attention to assessing my vision and evaluating my history.  I feel very confident that I received the best care possible for my lens exchange procedure.  Dr. Varu is very attentive, communicative and conscientious.  Dr. Varu paid close attention to every detail of my vision history. I felt assured that she had weighed all options and charted a path for vision surgery that was best for my particular situation.” –

– Vic W.

Very happy with the service received by Dr. Divya Varu.  I had LASIK done at the office 2 months ago and it was extremely easy and exactly as she told me it would be.” –

Nicole R.

Dr. Varu was very professional and detailed.  This was also the most intensive eye exam I have ever experienced.  I learned a lot about my tear ducts prior to the multi-focal lens replacement.  The procedure itself was painless and fast.  I was driving the following day!  Each day I wake and don’t have to reach for glasses or worry about contacts is a miracle.  I don’t think people realize the detail they are missing until this procedure is done.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Varu, Dr. G, and the Dell Laser Consultants staff to anyone contemplating this  procedure.  It has made each day a joy and seeing things in a new way!”

– Joyce G.

I have had several different types of surgeries at DLC.  My most recent ones were removal of cataracts.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the whole experience.  Dr. Varu is WONDERFUL!  The BEST!  Consultations were incredibly thorough, surgery was excellent, and follow-up was great.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  Dr. Varu was really great to work with.  She knows her stuff and took time to explain everything to me.  Every time I went in, I felt like I was the most important patient. Glad I went there!

– Gail T.




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