I may have been one of the longest holdouts to have refractive surgery, considering I have managed three eye surgery centers in the last 10 years. Truth was that I did not mind contacts and glasses that much at the time. Life seemed OK despite all the nuisances and delays that glasses and contacts impose on our lives. I helped people get rid of this physical handicap on a daily basis, but did not see it as a priority for me. Safety was never a question for me, it was more of an issue of simply accepting the current status quo (we all accept what is familiar and change can be a big hurdle regardless of the eventual benefit).

Then I had children..... Late nights, waking up in the middle of the night, wrestling with hands all over my face, spur of the moment swimming, all made my little nuisance of glasses and contacts a big one. Just so happened at the time I was also working with one of the leading LASIK authorities in the country. Although I have never advocated having surgery with a coworker for doctors, there is no one in the country I would trust more than Steven Dell in the operating room (you can also read about endless amounts of other doctors that feel the same way). In my profession of eye doctors, we all routinely read Dr. Dell’s articles and publications, but having an opportunity of having arguably the most respected surgeon correct my eyes was too cool to pass up (even though I work with him).

Shortly after having the procedure done, I had better vision than I had ever experienced with glasses or contacts. More importantly after gaining this freedom, I cannot believe I ever put up with the hassles of glasses and contacts. Irritated eyes, fluctuating vision, dirty contacts, constantly cleaning glasses, trying to exercise with glasses, allergies all seem like a terrible memory. After experiencing consistent perfect vision and thinking about what I used to go through, makes me wish I had done this the second I was eligible. I still catch myself getting caught up in the incredible clarity of the moon on a regular basis. I don’t know if I can even put a price on it.