Just a short note to let you know how thrilled I am with the outcome of my recent cataract surgery. With my long standing history of herpes keratitis, I knew that I was not an average, run of the mill patient, but I need not have worried at all. You, Dr. Dell and the other members of the Dell team in your 3 locations provided superb care and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Immediately after the surgery I couldn’t believe that I had no pain or discomfort, and on the very first post operative day, my vision had improved dramatically.

It is now 6 weeks post surgery, and with my increased visual acuity, I can read the smallest print anywhere, my tennis game has greatly improved now that I have binocular vision, and my night time driving has improved to the point that I am no longer a menace on the road. (much to my wife’s delight!)

Dr. Cunningham, I think you know how grateful and appreciative I am for the wonderful care I have received; please convey my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Dell.