I decided to get LASIK surgery due to the nuisance of allergies with soft contact lens use. I chose Dr. Steven Dell to perform Custom LASIK due to the fact that I was seeing my patients who also decided on LASIK return to our office in Bee Cave and get close to 20/20 or even better vision post-op. Most importantly I chose Dr. Dell to perform my LASIK due to his level of expertise and knowledge within the field.

The process of pre- and post-op was quite simple, both Dr. Dell and Dr. Derek Cunningham spoke with me about the different options and explained which suited me the best. The actual surgery was amazingly quick and painless. Better Visual acuity was immediate right when I walked out of the surgical suite. The next day I was back at the office seeing patients. My vision has been greatly enhanced and the allergy issues have been virtually non-existent. Looking back, I wish I had made the decision sooner rather than later.