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DLC LASIK Austin News - Wavefront Guided Laser Proven To Be Superior

Two New Independent Studies Each Demonstrate Superiority of Wavefront Guided Over Wavefront Optimized Laser Vision Correction Two new influential, prospective, bilateral random eye studies each re-affirm that VISX Customvue Wavefront Guided laser vision correction (the only technology used at Dell Laser Consultants) produces better contrast...

DLC LASIK AUSTIN NEWS - Tuffs biologists make tadpoles grow eyes on their backs and tails

Biologists at Tufts University were able to make tadpoles grow eyes on their backs and tails by genetically manipulating the membrane voltage of cells in frog embryos. This new mechanism could have great potential in the formation of complex organs for transplantation and regenerative medicine applications.

Dell Lasik And Cataract Austin News - Macular Degeneration, A Serious Threat To You And The Pocket Book

In a recent Duke University study, it was found that diagnosis of neovascular (wet) Age Related Macular Degeneration patients have doubled in just over a decade (1994-2006). The cost of treatment to the medical system also doubled....

Austin LASIK DLC NEWS - Asian Americans Face Higher Glaucoma Risk

Asian Americans may be at greater risk for glaucoma compared to other races in the United States, according to a study published online Feb. 10 in Ophthalmology. This underscores the importance of routine eye examinations because glaucoma is often undetectable by the patient until the severe stages of the disease.  

LASIK AUSTIN News - Prolensa Effective for Treatment of Pain and Inflammation After Cataract Surgery

Although cataract surgery is generally painless and well tolerated by patients, continued drug advancements have served to ensure a pleasant experience for the vast majority of patients. Both Dr. Dell and Dr. Cunningham have served as advisors in the development of this new medication.

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